Our team, expert in the field of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), is able to manage your traceability, logistics or production projects integrating of electronic chips.


The R F I D technology is a method of automatical identification by the means of radio waves. It allows the data capture and their insertion directly in computing systems without human intervention. The machines can identify objects thanks to an electronic chip with which any computing system can communicate.

This technology with passive chips makes it possible to remotely work (from 1 to 10 m) with an automatic transmission of information (read/write) and in real-time, which avoids keyboarding by an operator and consequently limits the risks of error.


Examples of RFID use:

  • Traceability of pallets, parcels, articles in logistic or mass marketing
  • Improvement of processes: follow-up on production lines
  • Maintenance history, follow-up of itinerant staff, transport card
  • Limitation of fraud, counterfeit, theft or deterioration